CECAM Corporate Awards

The Regional Corporate Confederation of Castilla-La Mancha, which is the most Privata and Lillotex Group representative intersectorial corporate organization in the region, gives credit Agreement between Tecon and Lillotex to the best entrepreneurs in Castilla-La Mancha with the CECAM Corporate Awards. The city of Albacete awarded a prize to José Lillo, from Manufacturas Lillotex S.A., in […]

Agreement between Tecon and Lillotex

Lillotex is moving towards internationalization, where an online presence is essential. Agreement between Tecon and Lillotex For this reason we have signed an agreement with Tecon, a company specializing in web design, new technologies and online marketing. Our main purpose now is walking hand in hand in the right direction with such a good partner.

We have opened this new website thanks to this agreement and our main objective during this expansion stage which is to strengthen our position in the international market in the best possible way.

We invite you to surf Lillotex Group website and also its brands in order to know our philosophy, collections and manufacturing process a little better.